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I am an 18 year old guy who is devoted to all things Smallville. I just recently started writing Smallville fanfiction, so I probably still need some practice. Any pointers anyone can give me will be appreciated. I will primarily be writing a long term story that spans throughout the whole show. I have added my own character into the story and will be trying to follow an episode format like in the show. The main events with stay the same, but I'll try to incorporate my character as much as possible. I'll probably skip around some episodes, as they focus only on certain characters, but you all get the gist of what happens. Finally, I actually don't have a Deviantart account or anything, so I'm just writing these stories off Microsoft Word. Hope you guys enjoy.

Stories by SmallvilleDevotee95

Set during mid 2nd season, a new student appears in Smallville and quickly incorporates himself into Clark's circle of friends. But is this new arrival as friendly as he seems? Or is he keeping a secret as well?

Categories: ; Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent, Lana Lang, Pete Ross; Type: Fiction
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Genre: friendship, humor
Incarnation: Chloe and Clark [friends]
Timeline: season 2
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