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I was born on August 10th in Frankfurt, Kentucky. 

I love all things Smallville. I also watch Family Guy. My favorite movie is "28 weeks later".

I love pretzels and pizza.

I love "Smallville". Chlark is my favorite Smallville couple. Jimmy is not worth Chloe's time, and the Lana that came back is such a fake (not the real Lana, wink, wink).Chloe has always been there for Clark and she deserves him!Their first mutual kiss!

Series by Chlark101

In a parallel world (begins in season 1) Clark Kent and his mother Martha Kent move to Smallville, Kansas to run Johnatan's newly bought farm. Johnatan is Lionel Luthor's second cousin. Clark begins school in the middle of his freshman year. Lana Lang is the advice columnist for the 'Smallville Torch', dating Lex Luthor, and is pretty happy about it, and she thinks that Clark is a loser, and isn't afriad to show it. Lois Lane (sophmore) is the vice student body president. Chloe is (thinner with longer blonde hair) the most popular girl in school, still the editor of the 'Torch', her ancester being the Countess herself (Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux), wearing a piece of jewelry once belonging to her dead ancestor (a red k necklace). She has formed a clique with Alicia Baker, cheerleading caption, and Abigail 'Abby' Fine, student body president. Pete Ross is the Crows quarterback, Jodi Melville is the school's seventh ranked 'it' girl behind Chloe and her clique, Lana Lang, and Lucy & Lois Lane. 

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What if when Chloe kissed Clark she never said they should be friends? What if during the tornadoes Clark never left to save Lana, because she was at the dance? What if when Clark asked how he could make up ditching Chloe at the dance Chloe said over a movie? What if Clark had heared Chloe read to him her letter and called her name? What if......

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