U-Turn by babydee1 [youth]
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It takes a whole ’nother universe for Clark to realise how he really feels about Chloe.


Categories: ; Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent; Type: Fiction
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Genre: friendship, hurt/comfort, romance
Incarnation: Chloe and Clark [friends], Chloe/Clark
Timeline: season 7
Warnings: None

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Chapters: 5; Completed: Yes
Word count: 8283 Read: 6894
Published: 08/06/2010 Updated: 08/06/2010
Story Notes:

Spoilers for Season 7’s Apocalypse; AU-ish


Author's Note: Written for simplytoopretty for the secret_chlark challenge on LiveJournal


What she requested: hurt/comfort, some angst, a promise made. Would not like anything super sweet or fluffy, character bashing of any kind, prefer Chlark not be to be an established couple  

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