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Chloe does not like snow.  Her family are determined to change her mind.   Sequel to Agenda  

Categories: ; Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent; Type: Fiction
Other Pairings: None
Genre: fluff, romance
Incarnation: Chloe/Clark
Timeline: post-series
Warnings: None

Challenges: None; Series: The Agenda Series
Chapters: 2; Completed: Yes
Word count: 2719 Read: 2060
Published: 02/17/2013 Updated: 02/19/2013
Story Notes:

Lovely banner by go_clo.  Written for thechlarkette in the 2012 secret_chlark winter gift exchange, who wanted:


1) LOTS of Christmas stuff 
2) Snowball fight 
3) Lots of merriment

snowball fight! 

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