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Reviewer: Tobywolf13 (Signed)
02/24/2012 03:22
LOved this too. That's the Chloe I know, going to the end of the earth for Clark, but so scared of being broken. Also, the Jor-el brainwash makes SO MUCH SENSE!!!
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
12/12/2011 03:47
Squee!!! :-D

Full marks + bonus points to you for penning a completely believable Chlois ending. Love the nods to Batman and the emergence of the Justice League, and OMG that headline!!! :-D

I was already pouting at the skippage of the smut that I was sure would be on the horizon after such an intense Chlark journey, but the racy conversation in the copy room more than made up for it. ;)

Two thumbs up and a standing ovation to you for this epic Chlark tale, Melissa. Thanks so much for sharing it with us! :)

Author's Response: After putting the reader through the emotional ringer, I felt I owed it to everyone to give a glimpse into the very happy ending, plus clear up any lingering issues from using the portal.  (Darkseid) Wish I could have given you actual smut, but when I had written this, I'd never written any smut for Chlark.  So glad you enjoyed the story!
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
12/07/2011 15:29
*wipes tears* I feel lake giving Clark a standing ovation for the most moving speech ever. When he told her he was there to protect her heart and that she didn't have to fight her feelings anymore, I all but bawled. And when he pulled her into his arms so she could feel his heat...yowza!!! *fans self* ;)

Running to the next chapter, stat!!! :)

Author's Response:

Grin.  I'm so pleased the material connects.  Your opinion means a lot to me.

Chapter 8
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
12/07/2011 07:45
Poor Oliver. *sniff* :-(

And now that you've laid it all out, its startlingly clear to see just how blatantly Lois swf'ed Chloe's life.

Awesome stuff, Mel!

Author's Response:

Yeah.  I really do feel bad for Oliver.  I didn't mean to keep flogging him, but when that moment came up, I just felt he would try one more time.  Really can't blame him.  As for Lois, yeah, really, by the end of the Smallville series, she almost was being written as CHloe (except it still took the real Chloe to point out that Superman needs someone he can turn to too)

Chapter 7
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
12/07/2011 04:03
"I should have known no one could be that stupid without deliberate brain damage."

OUCH!!! *winces on the BDA's behalf*

"You know what makes me feel better?" he asked as he stood up. "That while I'm off officially getting dumped, you have to explain to Lois everything she just overheard."

ZING!!! LOL!!! :-D

Poor Oliver. After the suckfest of getting his heart ripped out, he deserved to get a few good jabs in. :)

Another stellar chapter, Mel!

Author's Response:

Hee!  Yeah, Oliver has a rough time of it, but I was trying to be honest about where his character's head would be...and his heart.

Chapter 6
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
12/06/2011 04:13
Oh. My. Zod. He's fessing up about the mindwipe!!! :-O

But before all God, so much to love in this chapter!

So Clark only fell for Lois when he effectively Chloe-fied her in his mind, and Jor-El shifted the goalposts in his head, why am I not suprised? And Chloe, honey - dude loves YOU. Stop fighting it and just say yes to the man!!! :-D

Much as I wanted me some hawt Chlark lovin', I was a tad irked by the *possible* presence of Daddy Dearest, so I wasn't too upset when Clark put the breaks on, but I can see how Chloe chalked it down to Rejection # 1-too-many. But she couldn't be more wrong. :)

Now to see how she reacts to El Mindwipus Stupidifus. :-/

Amazing chapter, Mel. I'm loving this story so much!!! :-D

Author's Response:

I just couldn't ignore the mindwipe completely.

 Between it and the lurking presence of Jor-El, yeah, the goodstuff did have to come to a halt.  And yes, Chloe is being extra difficult.  Sorry about that.

Chapter 5
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
12/05/2011 16:06
*sniff* My heart's breaking for Oliver here. Pity the man who falls in love with Chloe, because her heart will always belong to Clark.

Another fantastic chapter, Mel. Angsty but necessary. I love how deeply the Chlark bond is established. :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I feel for Oliver too, but somethings just can't be helped.   Doesn't get easier for the poor guy in the next chapters either.
Chapter 4
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
12/05/2011 15:46
OMG OMG OMG!!! *does the patented demented fangirl Muppet flail* :)

I have tears in my eyes right now. What an epic confession of Love. I felt every bit of emotion in this chapter, and the descriptions of the Fortress were just Perfect. This is my canon from now on!!! :)

And that last word, omigod!!! *flails again*

Stellar chapter, Mel. Top marks from me!

Onto the next...

Author's Response: Aww, thank you.  Probably one of my favorite chapters.
Chapter 3
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
12/05/2011 04:00
Lois irritated me from start to finish in this chapter, but at least she came in handy when it came to moving Clark - and she cleared off before they headed for the Fortress! ;)

Great chapter, Mel. :)

Author's Response:

Yep, Lois was there pretty much to be annoying.  (Proof that she just isn't the one) 

Chapter 2
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
12/02/2011 16:13
Now this is a beginning I can get on board with! :)

Awesome start, Mel. So intense and emotional! I would leave a more detailed comment, but I need to read the next chapter!

Well done. :)

Author's Response:

You're reading it!  Yeah!  Now stop it and go back to work on your Smallville BigBangFic!  Tough love baby!  ;)

Chapter 1
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