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Reviewer: DixieMomma (Signed)
06/10/2014 23:52

I loved this story! :-)

Chapter 20
Reviewer: Emie_Star (Signed)
06/23/2011 22:27
Awesome story from beginning to end. This is definitely something I'll probably read more than once!!!

Author's Response: How did I miss this?  Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it - and hope you'll continue to like it for years to come! ;-)
Chapter 20
Reviewer: Emie_Star (Signed)
06/23/2011 20:31
Yay for Chloe !!!!

Author's Response: Go Chlo! LOL!!! :-)
Chapter 10
Reviewer: Emie_Star (Signed)
06/23/2011 20:21
Can you say Trouble with a capital 'T' !!! ;p

Author's Response:

RedK + Clark + Chloe = WHOA!!! :-D

 Glad you like, babes! :-D

Chapter 9
Reviewer: Emie_Star (Signed)
06/23/2011 19:51

Chloe gulped.  “Have you tried his cell?” she asked desperately. 


“Yes, and he’s not picking that up either.  He must be moping in the barn, as usual.”  She looked at Chloe with pleading eyes.  “Please, Chloe, you’d be doing me a huge favour.” 


Chloe didn’t see any way of getting out of it without appearing rude.  “Sure, Mrs Kent,” she smiled, extending her hand. 


“You’re a lifesaver,” she said gratefully, handing over the keys.  “There’s a freshly baked apple pie in the oven.  Tell Clark I said to give you a huge piece.”


And the innuendos just keep on coming.  “I will,” she said, blushing as she headed for the Talon door. 



.... hahahaha!! I rolled in seat with those ending lines. This story is great too funny with the innuendos & double entendres. 

Author's Response:

That entire exchange with Martha and the one Chloe had with Clark was chock-full of innuendo.  It just sorta wrote itself, and I was laughing out loud as I wrote it! So glad to see y'all liked it, too.

Thanks for all the awesome reviews - you spoil me! :-)  For some reason I didn't get notifications when you posted these.  Sorry my appreciation is coming so late! :-)

Chapter 8
Reviewer: Emie_Star (Signed)
06/23/2011 19:38
I'm finding this story harder and harder too resist. Love the way you're making the RedK! affect Clark!

Author's Response: I was worried I wouldn't be able to capture RedK!Clark properly, but it all turned out okay. ;-)  Thanks for your vote of confidence, Emie!
Chapter 7
Reviewer: LadyJ25 (Signed)
09/30/2010 23:22

I needed a pick me up and I decided to reread this and as always I simlpy just loved it. It just seems to get better and better.  It's hard to just pick out one thing I love about this story cause I love it all. Well I guess I could say that I love redkClark (Kal) cause he doesn't come out that much.

You bring him out just right and Chloe is just so true to her character that it's hard to believe that this is a story cause I could totally see this as something happening in the show. Thanks again for sharing this wonderfully smokin' hot story with us.

Author's Response:

Aw, LadyJ, that's so sweet.  Thank you!  I'm always so chuffed when someone comes back for a re-read. :-)

This was actually my first Kal/redKClark attempt, and it was such great fun to write him so uninhibited.  So glad you like it, babes! :-)

Chapter 1
Reviewer: iamaslashaddict (Signed)
12/16/2009 04:16
That was completely hot and sensual. They had so much heat and chemistry... and i loved how naughty Clark(Kal) was! I am off to read the sequel!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much!  It was my first attempt at Kaloe fanfic, and I promptly fell in love with RedK!Clark.  He's so blunt and unapologetic, and he has no restraint whatsoever.  The naughty possibilities are endless!

So glad you liked it.  Hope you like the sequel as well. :-)

Chapter 1
Reviewer: bigredx (Signed)
12/02/2009 12:02
LoveD it from start til end... Encore

Author's Response:

Thank you, thank you!

Your timing couldn't be more perfect, I'm just about to start posting the sequel, Temptation.  Hope you like that one as well! :-)

Thanks again for your lovely comment.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: djkm1980 (Signed)
11/26/2009 14:09

Loved the ending was both hot and cute.  Will there be a sequel?

Now for your next story can I get some pool table, tractor or crater lake action.

Author's Response:

So glad you liked it! :-D

In answer to your question, YES, there will not only be a sequel (Temptation, already half-completed!), there's also a Threequel planned, yay!  Temptation's already storyboarded out, but I'll try to work the pool table, tractor or crater lake into Tempting, the Threequel.

But if they don't make it into this series, you'll definitely find them worked into another story of mine.  You've planted some very sweet seeds here!

Thanks again for commenting - your feedback means a lot to me. :-)

Chapter 20
Reviewer: djkm1980 (Signed)
11/12/2009 15:18

great story.  I was worried for a sec when Lois popped up.  For some reason I really want them to do it on the pool table in the Luthor mansion.  Not sure which sick part of my psyche that comes from.  Sorry

Anyway keep up the great work 

Author's Response:

Nothing sick about it, babes.  As soon as I saw 'Luthor Mansion' and 'pool table', I though "Ooh, brilliant!!!"  Of course, any tryst on the Luthor mansion pool table will be incomplete if Lex himself is not a part of it, and since I've gone so far in this tale without our favourite bald billionaire showing up, it will be a bit strange to toss him in there now.  Next time, perhaps? :-D

And me throwing Lois in there was cruel of me, wasn't it?  Cruel, but necessary for Clark (and the readers) to realise that his attraction to Chloe was not just an offshoot of the redK perfume.  I think it worked!

Thanks so much for your awesome comments.  I'm so glad you like the story!

Chapter 1
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