Reviews For Resetting

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Reviewer: Sue Denim (Signed)
06/03/2009 23:42

I like how Lois's letter is the catalyst that inspires Chloe to get back to the Planet!

Chapter 3
Reviewer: Sue Denim (Signed)
06/03/2009 23:36

Clark took a deep breath. “I’m thinking I’m glad my mom and dad are together again. I hate that she had to live half her life without him,” he said quietly.

This touches base with Chlark too.  I like how Clark finds solice that love can be forever.  His Mom and his Dad can be together now. 



Chapter 2
Reviewer: Sue Denim (Signed)
06/03/2009 23:31

Yay!  I'm rereading and I'm always struck about the little details you give in Chloe or Clark's mannerisms.  Like how Chloe flosses her teeth and holds the dispenser box and that sort of thing.

 Your writing makes me very happy.


Author's Response: Aww thank you so much as always, Sue. I guess I forgot to archive this one and thought I'd get it done. I'm glad you are enjoying it again. :)
Chapter 1
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