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Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
02/02/2010 16:04

This is one of my favourites of all your stories!  It's just a laugh a paragraph.  And Jimmy & Lois going at it like rabbits is simply hilarious, as are the names of all their little princesses!

Also Lana & the garden shares = WIN. :-P

Great work, firebunny!

Christmas Letter
Reviewer: Iolanthealias (Signed)
12/25/2008 23:10

OMG, I read this on LiveJournal and it was freakin' hilarious!  Firebunny, I wish I had your ability to write humor.  It's taut, it's funny (downright ROTFLMAO), it's great!


I love how Clark was always absent when things were happening, and how Chloe always had an explanation for it.  And how Lois had 3 preg's in one year!  She and Jimmy must be going at it like rabbits (or whatever).  


Really an excellent story in a small package (but we all know that good things come in small boxes!)


Please write more soon.  I love the Firebunny fics.  

Christmas Letter
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