Reviews For Land of Confusion

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Reviewer: kai (Signed)
10/17/2009 18:13

fabulous story.

'land of Confusion' is definitely teh best in the series. I love how you have introduced the JLA. great work . Plz update soon? :)

Chapter 8
Reviewer: LadyJ25 (Signed)
07/21/2009 00:46

I finally had a chance to read all the stories in this series and I have say that once I had started to read I didn't want to stop, but seeing as that I had to go to work and do other things, like eat, I had to read one at a time. I love this series. Clark and Chloe are soulmates, if only the writers would see that, but that is what we have fanfiction for.

I hope that you continue with this story really soon. Great job!

Chapter 8
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