Reviews For Duality

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Reviewer: zianzian (Signed)
10/16/2020 02:41

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Chapter 1
Reviewer: Clark TTF (Signed)
09/02/2013 12:07

   I love the fact the she new it was clark right away, granted she'd seen him without glasses for years. I personally never new how she never figured it out. It reminds me of that scene in The New Adventures of Superman with Tempus imitating the Clark Kent to Superman switch and insulting her so blatantly, God it was so awesome. Great story so far and can't wait to finish it!

Chapter 5
Reviewer: BloodSugar (Signed)
01/11/2009 15:21
*smiles happily* yay! The ending couldn't have been cuter :D
Chapter 14
Reviewer: BloodSugar (Signed)
01/11/2009 10:26
*giggles* hell yeah xD Chlark forever. Or you know, Chlois. They look adorable.
Chapter 9
Reviewer: BloodSugar (Signed)
01/11/2009 10:11


Another great chapter. Gosh, I can't wait to see what happens in the end! :D

Chapter 7
Reviewer: BloodSugar (Signed)
01/11/2009 09:47

Wicked! This is my favorite chapter so far.

Even though this story is a little AU, if not a lot. They're still Clark and Chloe. Only in the future and with double identity issues at their hands. Even with that though, this situation they were in was perfect! They grew up together and were best friends. Now it's years later and they both share very similar secrets/experiences except that Chloe is not a superheroine. 

If that's not enough, Clark as Clark Kent reporter works with Chloe as Lois Lane and Clark as Superman goes to Chloe as Lois' apartment. Uninvited, a little obnoxious, special and most of all - gorgeous as always.

If THAT is not enough, she recognizes him immediately and yet keeps playing the game of 'who's-who' with him until the reader just has to shout out loud "perfect!!". At least that's what I did.

 Anyway, this story is so good it got me leaving the longest review I've ever written. 

Great story. Wish I had found it earlier. Also, I'm adding it to my favorites. <3

Chapter 5
Reviewer: BloodSugar (Signed)
01/11/2009 09:35
Awesome! As a huge Lex girl (hehehe) I was damn happy to read about his appearance in this story. Although, as suspected, you portrayed him as a total bastard that lies through his teeth 24/7. Totally not criticising though - I loved this. :D
Chapter 4
Reviewer: BloodSugar (Signed)
01/11/2009 09:28
I LOVED the gentlemen side of Clark. So beautiful :) This story makes so much sense even though now Chloe seems to have a secret almost as huge as Superman's. Double identities and what not.
Chapter 2
Reviewer: BloodSugar (Signed)
01/11/2009 09:13

*giggles at both Clark and Chloe uhh Lois*

They're so adorable!
Great story so far :D

Chapter 1
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