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Reviewer: bigredx (Signed)
04/16/2009 04:33
awww that was absolutely perfect... if clark was floating when she was only 2months pregnant just imagine how he would cope when the baby arrived .... fab ;)
For the Beauty of the Earth
Reviewer: marikology (Signed)
12/29/2008 18:02
I loved this story. I loved the way Chlark unexpectedly fell into a "friends with benefits" situation-- so bittersweet and in character. And i love the way Clark slowly, finally realized that Chloe was exactly what he was looking for. And I loved the image of him in his fedora, waiting to be invited in. :)  The last chapter was so cute and precious-- realistic and not overly-sappy. This story made me smile all day. :)
For Each Perfect Gift
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