Reviews For Growing Into Her

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Reviewer: Sue Denim (Signed)
06/08/2008 03:55

"We both know you've never had any sense."

 How apt for Clark.


A nice read.

Chapter 6
Reviewer: Sue Denim (Signed)
06/08/2008 03:49

I dunno Elly.  I think Clark is more protective about Chloe than Lana.  I think he's willing to risk things with Lana because in doing so, it hides his affections for Chloe.  Now that Lana's dead, I think that making a move on Chloe would be a even more risky.  I glad that he did, but I find it a little OOC.

Still, nothing is more attractive than a friend that his head over heals for you.  It's kind of hard not to respond to an intense emotional vibe like that.

Chapter 5
Reviewer: Sue Denim (Signed)
06/08/2008 03:37
Nice review of Lana's MOA.  She is a bitch.
Chapter 4
Reviewer: Sue Denim (Signed)
06/08/2008 03:30
Cringe factor handled well.  Nice way to build up to the last line here.  "I love you more than I ever did."
Chapter 3
Reviewer: Sue Denim (Signed)
06/08/2008 03:24
Oh God, not the Fever Letter.  I hate the Fever Letter.  Makes Chloe look pathetic.  Let's see how you handle it.  (I'm not worried.)
Chapter 2
Reviewer: Sue Denim (Signed)
06/08/2008 03:17
Your opening paragraphs really grabbed my attention and Clark so would read Lana's diary, but he'd only admit it to Chloe.
Chapter 1
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