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Reviewer: agentaddek (Signed)
01/27/2010 05:40
This was absolutely AMAZING.  I loved every second of it.  The only complaint I have is that it didn't go on longer. The ending was absolutely perfect. 
Part 5
Reviewer: Mari2Anne (Signed)
09/01/2008 23:06
That was a wonderful story.  Had me in tears a few times.  Very glad it had a happy ending.  Thank you for sharing.
Part 5
Reviewer: MariLynLithgow (Anonymous)
04/15/2008 12:00
This is an awesome story.  I loved how you wove all of the mythos together.  Awesome.  *clap clap clap*
Part 5
Reviewer: ladyalchemy (Signed)
03/08/2008 22:37
That was the best story I have red on here. the New years part I could actualy see in my head AM and TW  acting that out. VERY well done.
Part 5
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