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Reviewer: Xavier345 (Signed)
01/19/2019 07:10

在这本书中a292;我看到了许多上下a292;但最后你给了我们一个很好的教训z90;essay 代寫 在我工作的时候与我分享z90;

A Lost Shadow
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
10/21/2011 14:45
As soon as I saw the name Lena, the hackles on the back of my neck rose. It looks like Lex has mindwiped and brainwashed Chloe into thinking she's someone else, and is continually suppressing her memories.

And heart broke for him, living with the pain of knowing that Chloe's forgotten herself, him, and everything they've ever been through.

The lovemaking was so intensely emotional, I nearly wept. And when she called him Clark, I actually did. Then his tears after, when she said he carried Chloe in his heart...

I'll stop here, before I start bawling again. :(

This story was perfect, Firebunny. Simply perfect. Thanks so much for writing it, and for sharing it!
A Lost Shadow
Reviewer: Sue Denim (Signed)
09/13/2009 13:44

Clark will always need his Chloe.  I'm not much of a Peter Pan fan myself, so maybe I can't appreciate this to it's full extent, however, I do love Chlark and the idea that Clark remains within Chloe's live no matter what is touching.

Does Lena have Chloe's memories or am I to assume there's some mistaken identity here?  I'm going with the later.

A Lost Shadow
Reviewer: marikology (Signed)
12/24/2008 10:49
This story is so beautiful, poetic, and sad. I wonder what happened to Chloe and I hope Superman still visits her.
A Lost Shadow
Reviewer: Justine (Anonymous)
01/19/2008 23:08

omg that was heartbreaking.  I got teary eyed :(

 Firebunny, you can write the funniest stuff and the most tragic.  This was truly a beautifully written story.  I take it that Chloe is in some sort of a psych ward and has forgotten her past somehow?  Gah, this story was beautiful.

Author's Response:

Thank you, Justine, for the nice words.

Yes, Chloe's in a psych ward, but I think Lex has somehow drugged her into insanity.  It's only vaguely hinted at in the story, so I don't really expect anyone to pick up on it.

A Lost Shadow
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