Reviews For Noir Again

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Reviewer: toughcookie (Anonymous)
02/20/2008 22:42
I enjoyed this chapter! I did want to point out that its "ends justifies the means", though I'm not trying to be picky:) I thought that the "lady's first" thing that you had in there was a nice stay very true to the time period (especially in your dialogue-which can't be easy,lol), and I especially like the way you've had Clark and Chloe returning their own lines to eachother...that's always so much fun, and very clever! :)

Author's Response: thank you! haha thats why I never say I am perfect. Thanks for pointing that out ;) I appreciate that greatly! It was so much fon going into that time era ;D
Chapter 4
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
02/18/2008 09:21
i loved t!!!

Author's Response: Why Thank You!
Chapter 10
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