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Reviewer: Adebambo (Signed)
03/22/2019 10:36

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Part 1 A
Reviewer: seopak (Signed)
11/24/2018 06:00
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Part 1 A
Reviewer: TheAmazingApe (Signed)
04/17/2012 06:51

Having some reviewing trouble. LOL. Third try.

I've had this fic on my to-read list for some time as so many people recced it. I've been trying to read a bit after every update of my fic, as a little reward and I am so glad to finally make it here.

 There is such a warmth to this fic and a sweetness to the way Chloe and Clark are feeling their way around each other. I got a bit giddy after their New Year's kiss and was so glad they didn't tiptoe around what they wanted.

For my money, this is where Chlark should have been headed after Vessel.

 Off to earn my way back for more... 

Part 1 A
Reviewer: TheAmazingApe (Signed)
04/17/2012 06:43
Part 1 A
Reviewer: BkWurm1 (Signed)
12/16/2011 05:21

Ok, this is a terrible thing to say to an author who just completed her thrid big bang but...I really want a sequel.  I mean, REALLY want a sequel. 

It's 4am now.  I started your tale around 11:30.  You created a truly captivating and emotionally resonate tale.  Well done.

Author's Response:

omg I saw you comment on the first one! it was a lovely suprise to wake up this morning and read all your responses! Thanks so much for reading my story! I'm glad you liked it, and I am so flattered by your kind words.

I have not ruled out a sequel, I often think of Chloe and Clark's little family, and what sort of parenting styles they'd have, so stay tuned. This was a prompt by Tobywolf, who pointed out that she didn't think I'd done a baby/family story, and I'm really happy with how it came out. If you happen to get a little plot bunny, by all means, send him to me! I'm on a roll now with Big Bangs, so it's possible!

Reviewer: BkWurm1 (Signed)
12/16/2011 05:09

Chloe delivering at the Planet is just as it should be.

Poor Horace never got his coffee!

The journal really was perfect.  Hugs all around!

Part 5 B
Reviewer: BkWurm1 (Signed)
12/16/2011 04:47

Sounds like Claire want in on the action to me.

Part 5 A
Reviewer: BkWurm1 (Signed)
12/16/2011 04:25

It is sooo sad to think of all those dangerous individual with strange fake names still out there on the loose.  Thank goodness Chlark (plus 1) is here to protect us.

 I did the cringe/laugh about Claire growing up in the room she was concieved in.  Yep.  Never tell her.

Oh Jor-El.  You stupid block of frozen water. 

Talk about in-law problems.

Part 4 B
Reviewer: BkWurm1 (Signed)
12/16/2011 03:48

Chloe's reunion with Lois was perfect. 

Love everything that is going on to let Chloe get back into her life.  Domestic Clark is so cute.

Part 4 A
Reviewer: BkWurm1 (Signed)
12/16/2011 03:23

Whoa.  Chloe was gone for a verrry long time.  And Clark never slept.  :(

Both the name Cubscout and the line "The Brownie is still in the oven" were incredibly endearing.


Part 3 B
Reviewer: BkWurm1 (Signed)
12/16/2011 02:54

That rat bastard Lex.  'Nough said.

Part 3 A
Reviewer: BkWurm1 (Signed)
12/16/2011 02:28

There is an aspect of Chloe's character that is willing to risk everything for her friends and family but she isn't good at asking friend and family for help (actually she's terrible at it) so I can see where Chloe would have a very tough time with this because she knows she can't do this on her own (not unless she switched identities, moves to Sinapore, and passes the baby off as someone elses...oh wait!)

Anyway, I'm always a big fan of happy ending (even if it is just part 2)

Part 2 B
Reviewer: BkWurm1 (Signed)
12/16/2011 02:05

I was actually a little relieved that Chloe's agony about the pregnancy was revolving about all her fears and questions about the timing, heredity and being good enough.  I was afraid we were going ot have to go through months of Chloe thinking she'd been made pregnant when she was kidnapped. 

Lots of tough and real issues in this chapter.  Small town privacy made me laugh.

Part 2 A
Reviewer: BkWurm1 (Signed)
12/16/2011 01:46

I forgot about Chloe's abduction (much like I tried to forget about so much that happened on Smallville.)  With those 12 hours missing she has a right to be completely freaked.

Part 1 B
Reviewer: BkWurm1 (Signed)
12/16/2011 01:32
That was so sweet and easy and happy and just perfect! 
Part 1 A
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
11/17/2011 19:57

*wipes brow* Phew! When Lex showed up, I was terrified, but all's well that ends well.  For now. I have no doubt that Lex will slip up again in future and get his ass handed to him. 

Kudos for the Brucie hint, I loved it!  Lex and his mean, petty comments just showed how empty his life is.  Jellus sap.

Love you for writing this and sharing it with us, Mariko.  Congratulations on your 3rd Big Bang!!!  I loved this story, and I can't wait to come back and re-read it.  You ROCK.  *hugs*

Vive La Chlark!!! :-D  

Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
11/17/2011 19:48


That? Was BEAUTIFUL. *wipes tears* 

I don't even know where to start.  Lois?  Come here, girl. *massive cuddles*  You done good. :-)

Oliver? Love you with the fire of a thousand suns. :-)

Chlark?  Always perfect, and as parents they're gonna me simply awesome.  And where else would Chloe's baby be born than in the Daily Planet??? :-D

Claire?  You have a wonderful life ahead of you.  There is so much love in your future, babes.

My favourite lines: 

Lois took a deep breath. “Okay, regroup. We have to time them, and then we’ll know how long you have to go. First babies can take longer, I read, unless you’ve been doing something to speed up the process.”

“Like sex?”

“I’ve heard a bumpy ride works.”

“Oh my god, I did both tonight!” she wailed. “I’m an idiot!” 

 BWAH!!!  And...

Oliver picked up the ruler and glanced at it. “Did you say ten? Holy shit…”


GOLD!!!! :-D

Mariko?  You tha Shiznit.  That is all. *thumps chest* ;-)

...and yay for the Elly shoutout in the previous chapter!!! :-D 

Part 5 B
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
11/17/2011 19:18

I don't know US recent history to be able to name that senator, I'm afraid. :-( 

What I do know, however, is that Chloe is in the early stages of labour.  That baby's coming out within the next 24-hours!

Now, here's hoping they can trap Lex in time... 

Part 5 A
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
11/17/2011 18:49

"everyone has a code name. “’Toby’—not even sure if that’s a male or a female, ‘RJ’—could be R-somebody-Junior, ‘Baby D,’ ‘Sue Denim’- get it? Pseu-donym?”

 OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!  I got a shout-out, I got a shout-out!!!  I'm so honoured, thank you muchly!!! *cuddles* :-D

"For the first time in her pregnancy, she felt self-conscious at not being married. Who knew that alien artificial intelligences were just as judgmental as little old Bible-thumping ladies?" 

 BWAH!!!  Jor-El is Old Skool!!! :-P

"Realization dawned on her that the Fortress had decided to give her a paternity test before taking her word for it. Her eyes flared with indignation. But she was momentarily distracted from her growing fury by the sound of ice splitting."  

 Oh, SNAP!  Jor-El thought she was a skank trying to fob off a bastard child to the House of El!!!  Sodding AI.  But I think Clark put it better:


“Stupid fucking pompous Fortress!” Clark was muttering curse words and removing a trail of wet clothes soaked with melting ice as he stomped into the house and up the stairs. Chloe couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen him this angry. He ranted and raved all the way to the bedroom. “’Oh, I’ve decided to let you go, Kal-El! Just kidding. Go home and raise your kid!’” he mocked. “Oh gee, thanks, why didn’t I think of that? I’m sick of that goddamned igloo ragging on every choice I make! Piece of shit ice castle!” 


Massive applause to you, Mariko.  Loved this chapter!!! :-D can you PLEASE promise me that things will be smooth-sailing from now on, hmm??  Pretty please??? :-) 

Author's Response: Ha! Jor-El sucks! andd Clark is always so, um, mild-mannered, so I like to write him having a good long epic rant, haha.
Part 4 B
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
11/17/2011 18:25

Good to see Chlark settling down into family life. :-) 

I still want the means and nasty Luthor pair to get theirs.  Please tell me they get hurt somewhere along the way. :-P

Author's Response:

Thanks! I liked writing their domestic bliss, even if Chloe was a little reluctant to settle into this role.

Unfortunately, Lana was right about one thing: "If you have enough money, you never have problems." Grr.

Part 4 A
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
11/17/2011 15:34
One word: Yikes.

Lana's a bitch, Lex is a bastard and Lois is a dumbshit. I'm terrified for Chlark and their baby girl. They have to be okay!!! *sobs* :(

Emotionally gutwrenching stuff, Mariko!

Author's Response:

She woldn't be Lois unless she was doing something really ill-advised. I'm particularly proud of this chapter, cos it's hard for me to write Lex. I feel like I'm not sure I get his nuances right. I'm not a Lex fan, and I have to actively try not to turn him into a moustache-waving cartoon villain. This is the most Lex I've ever written, so I'm glad it makes you hate him, but still come off as in character.


Part 3 A
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
11/16/2011 14:46
Sneaky Clark!!! But after all the anguish Chloe put him through, he deserves to listen to baby at least once. ;)

Chloe's dream terrified me. Yikes!!! But OMG I love Lois in this story. :)

Well done!

Author's Response: yay, I love Lois too!  and yeah, Clark totally deserved the first listen. :)
Part 2 B
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
11/14/2011 14:56
Chloe's fear when she thought her pregnancy might be the result of something done to her was palpable and so very heartbreaking. And Lois is a great support and a wonderful cousin.

Great chapter, Mariko. Can't wait to see how Clark will react when he finds out! :)

Author's Response: thanks! Yeah, I love Real!Lois (before her S8 personality transplant.) I think their relationship makes both women better.
Part 1 B
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
11/11/2011 14:36
'Everything was perfect.'

Famous last words, Chloe! Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of motherf**king epic proportions!!! :)

Great start, Mariko. Their first kiss was so sweet, and I loved the bit where she sneaked a peek at his Nekkid butt! ;)

Seriously though, I love the way you handled the transition from Friends to Lovers, it felt very organic. :)

Author's Response:

Yay, I'm glad you're reading the story! *bounces* and yeah... Chloe will learn that "perfect" is a bad thing to say in Smallville. But it's okay *spoiler alert*- it has a happy ending! :-D

Thanks! I wanted their romance to be fast-paced and intense, but still be believable. 

Part 1 A
Reviewer: Tobywolf13 (Signed)
11/08/2011 08:25

“I feel the same, Chloe. But I also know we’re doing the right thing. Claire deserves a world where people like Lex are brought to justice, and where people like the Justice League are the winners, or where you can write real news and tell the truth. She’s worth the effort .”

 I like that. I think that it reminds me a lot of actually tempest and the talk about whtiney I think (also maybe Visage). The idea that Clark doesn't have so much on the line with bullets and fist fights but he does when it concerns his family, Chloe too. I think when you have a child's welfare and you ability to raise her (should they go bankrupt in litigation or her to jail), the sacrifices mean so much more. I just love their commitment to justice here.


Also Clark has a point---Lex lies like he breathes. He's the type to ALWAYS have duplicates and, like Lionel, go back on his word once he can blackmail you.


Not to mention, Martha is a senator of some position now that it's national and probs still knows a lot of lawyers in Metropolis via her dad, I wonder if she could arrange something should Lex play hardball that hard. Money can make things go away but so can influence and knowing the right peeps!


 All the money in the world can’t buy what we have. He’ll be lonely and miserable for the rest of his life.” 

 So true!


He can call them white trash and be bitter Claire's not (yet?) showing powers, but it doesn't matter. He has a hollow, isolated life as Rage and the suck Thanksgiving showed and he can't change that based on how cruel he's become.


 Nice story, feels complete, though, if you ever do sequel or go further, I wonder if Claire being so normal is a factor of not enough sun in her system yet or, even more interesting, a cancel out of Kryptonite-based heart and daddy's allergy. I mean still viable but null on the powers. :P



Author's Response: Thanks so much for all your kind words! I'm glad you think it feels complete, but room for a sequel. I think about one sometimes, but I also am pleased with how the story ends, so we'll see! Thanks again for reading!
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