Reviews For Clark Kent is Dead

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Reviewer: LadyJ25 (Signed)
08/07/2012 00:52
That was..WOW!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Darkfirelight (Signed)
01/10/2012 20:58

Excellent story, I loved it! :)

Any news on the sequel? If you're still writing it, that is. I'd greatly enjoy reading it.

Author's Response: The sequel just went up.  Check out Muscle Memory.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: babydee1 (Signed)
10/21/2011 13:59
Please do more than just consider it, Mel - please!!! I need more. This can't end here!!!

Such a powerful piece this is. There are very few fics that deal with the state of Clark's mind after Failsday (not surprising, as it was such a painful time for Chlarkers), so to read this lovely offering was fantastic.

So many questions raised. Why is clark doing this? Will Chloe ever find out? How will she react if she finds herself pregnant? You see?!? We just HAVE to have more!

Brilliant story, Mel. Very well done!!! :)

Author's Response: I am currently working on the sequel.  It probably will end up being a trilogy.  So glad you enjoyed it!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Star (Signed)
09/29/2011 01:37

A sequel is now officially a command!

I need to find out why Clark is no longer Clark, what leads him to make love to Chloe every night and finally why the HELL is Chloe not remembering hot sex like that?

oh did I mention I enjoyed this story?


Author's Response:

I'm juggling a few thoughts about a sequel in my mind.  Nothing is decided yet, but I have a feeling I'm going to want some answers too.

As for why she doesn't remember, I'm borrowing from Superman II where Clark kisses Lois and erases her memories of their time together. Why he is doing it is a whole other question.  Why Clark isn't Clark, well, blame the writters on Smallville.  I never did get a satisfactory answer to that question either.  Still, it opened up some VERY interesting possibilities.

 Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!  



Chapter 1
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