Jason Teague
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A Different World by MsSullivan [adult only]
[Reviews - 1]

An alternate universe story.

What if Clark Kent wasn't raised by the Kents? The whloe world is turn upside down, a completely different world.

Categories: Orphan; Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Chloe Sullivan as Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Jason Teague, Jimmy Olsen, Jonathan Kent, Jor-El, Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, Lionel Luthor, Lois Lane, Martha Kent, Perry White; Type: None
Other Pairings: None
Genre: angst, friendship, hurt/comfort, romance
Incarnation: Chloe/Clark
Timeline: None
Warnings: graphic sex
Chapters: 38 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 50206; Read Count: 51482; Completed: Yes
Updated: 07/12/2007; Published: 07/12/2007
Even the most epic of journeys had a beginning.Witness Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan's journey toward an enduring love.A love that will help the boy from Smallville become the man known as Superman.
Updated: 01/30/2015; Published: 06/19/2011
Crusade by Legendarytobes [adult only]
starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 2]
A rewrite of Crusade. What if Chloe had found Kal-El when he first arrived in Smallville?
Categories: Orphan; Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Genevieve Teague, Jason Teague, Lana Lang, Martha Kent, Virgil Swann; Type: Fiction
Other Pairings: Jason/Lana
Genre: angst
Incarnation: Chloe/Kal-El
Timeline: season 4
Warnings: violence
Chapters: 14 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 40756; Read Count: 15275; Completed: No
Updated: 11/03/2008; Published: 11/03/2008